Referral Agent

Referral Agent

A referral agent model is ideal for an individual or company that periodically sources opportunities via key relationships with customers. Agents are compensated with a defined fee structure aligned to the opportunity.

Referral Agent qualifications:

  • Maintain high-level relationships with key stakeholders for geospatial and location intelligence solutions
  • Source and/or facilitate closure of sales opportunities

澳门老百汇4001 Referral Agent benefits:

  • Leverage past experience and executive-level relationships 
  • Shape customer strategy for geospatial solutions
  • Benefit from reduced infrastructure needs since 澳门老百汇4001 contracts directly with end customer 
  • Receive compensation for efforts upon success

Criteria and considerations

  • Markets: Target markets must align with 澳门老百汇4001’s strategic direction
  • Customer base: Candidate has demonstrated access to key customers and markets 
  • Service: Provide an overview of facilitation capabilities