Inclusion and Diversity

How we support and celebrate an increasingly diverse workforce

Working to effect change

We are a purpose-driven organization built on six values—values that are essential to how we operate as a company. Our CEO begins each all-hands meeting by reflecting on our values, and throughout the company our values inform everything we do. We are a culture of continuous improvement, and working to be a more inclusive and diverse workforce is a top priority.

Inclusion and diversity guiding principles

All team members have equal and unencumbered opportunities to do their best work and contribute to purposeful and rewarding work.

We respect and accept that people are in different places and we are building a foundation to better understand one another and our own beliefs. We are open to learning and gaining new insights from listening to the experiences of others.

We are a company that values diversity, inclusion and belonging and we want our team members to stay safe and healthy, psychologically and physically.

澳门老百汇4001 builds relationships in the community to attract candidates, partners and vendors with diverse backgrounds and experiences because we know it is the right thing to do.

Our team members are empowered to hold each other accountable to these principles and have a voice and avenue to speak up.

Employee perspectives

We're intentional about being an inclusive and belonging environment. As we look at the workforce of the future, it's going to be a lot different from the one we've inherited.

—Dan Jablonsky, 澳门老百汇4001 President and CEO

Employee perspectives

As a company, 澳门老百汇4001 faces the same diversity challenges as other aerospace and engineering organizations. However, efforts are underway to improve and expand our recruitment activities, which include the use of professional sourcers to identify more diverse candidate pools. As a hiring manager, I encourage applicants to ask questions about the team, my leadership style and our culture before applying to improve transparency for the recruiter and the manager. Lastly, we are increasing options to relocate and support the talent we find.

—Lucie T., Manager

Employee perspectives

After asking questions about diversity following an All Hands meeting, I spoke with many peers and leaders about diversity. It was encouraging to see the variety of perspectives that people had, but even more encouraging to see that people were open and willing to hear differing perspectives. I also had quite a few executives reach out to discuss their interest in the topic. Our leaders are spending the time to take in everyone’s feedback and provide a very well thought out solution to the diversity problem while considering as many perspectives as possible.

—Adam C., Manager

Employee perspectives

When I first joined 澳门老百汇4001 (in Gaithersburg), I was extremely impressed and excited to see so many women in leadership roles. Transitioning from a government employee to a contractor, I found new team members who were fun, energetic and driven, though lacked a bit of diversity. However, at 澳门老百汇4001 you are encouraged to speak up and are supported to help contribute to making change for the better, which we continue to do. 澳门老百汇4001 is a company that listens and is working on increasing their diversity. It is a company worth putting your time and energy into for professional and personal growth.

—Denise T., Analyst

Do your best work. Be your best self.

As a global organization, we know firsthand the strength and importance of diverse teams. And, that to do your best work, you need to feel seen, heard and empowered. At 澳门老百汇4001, we are committed to providing a safe work environment and employee engagement programs that foster self-awareness, cultural competency and inclusive behaviors.

Academic outreach and internships

Beyond our employees and customers, we also have a responsibility to support and empower students of all identities—especially those underrepresented in STEM—to pursue meaningful careers. By partnering with academic institutions, we provide access to advanced technology, data and mentorship. We also offer a robust internship program for university students.

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U.S. military and veteran services

Veterans make up 10% of our workforce and contribute their invaluable insight and experience to customer missions and operations. To support their transition from military service, we provide them with resources to explore opportunities for career growth and development.

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